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Medical Appetite

30 Tablets (37.5mg or 45mg)

$93/mo (Groupon only)
$109/mo (Regular)
$129/mo (45mg Phentermine)

Medical Fat Burner:

30 Capsules (Caffeine, Phentermine, Naltrexone, and Vitamin B-12)

$110/mo (Groupon only)
$129/mo (Regular)

Advanced Medical Weight Loss:

30 Capsules Topiramate, Bupropion, Naltrexone, Phentermine and Vitamin B-12

$129/mo (Groupon only)
$149/mo (Regular)

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(Regular:$149/mo.) Discount Price: $129/mo


  • Meta Synergy Capsule
  • Keto Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Capsule

TRT Program

(Regular:$199/mo.) Discount Price: $99/mo

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- Lisa & Rick, 50’s

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