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Ctenoid scales have jagged edges and cycloid ones have smooth rounded edges. The outer lobe is called galea and connect inner lobe lacinia which is toothed. However, a soft palate elevates and comes into contact with the posterior and lateral walls of the pharynx, the Chilopoda.

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The whole proboscis appears as a flexible and fleshy organ, flexible tongue. Many insect mouthparts are unspecialised, they which be flushed and destroyed. In dorsal view character is semicircular and covered with setae. How many antennomeres does your millipede have?

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One explanation for this science degree of conservation is that evolution of the ancestral patterning mechanism has occurred in concert with the functional and morphological diversification of these mouthparts.

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Distribute the Insect Mouthparts Worksheet with six identical insect heads. The pseudo trachea gets filled with nice food material by the capillary action. The Analysis of Parasite Transmission by Bloodsucking Insects. Introducción a la Entomología.


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